Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hot tub and Steam room day

I rested today, and was glad to do so because I'm fighting flu like symptoms:-( Regardless, when I got home I thought that if I soaked in the hot tub for 15 min and then the steam room for another 15 it might free my body of toxins and flu germs.
Right now I'm not feeling any better, so we'll see about tomorrow 5:15am workout. I will be getting some COLDFX as I heard it works pretty quick to make you better.

I take 1 shot of wheat grass straight up - not enough time in the morning for a shake.

Alright, time to do a quick check on some blogs, and hit the sack early!


Marbella said...

Hey Diane,
Sure do hope you are feeling better. Guess you got coughed on somewhere....take care, and don´t workout if you aren´t perfect. You could crash totally. Hope you´ll be perfect and soon.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Diane, I trust you are feeling better too. Have you been getting enough rest recently?

Anonymous said...

Diane, hope you are feeling better so you can get back into the game with us. hope the new job is going well, also. hope to see you back soon!