Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Simple But Effective - 23 days to go

I've found that I don't need fancy expensive equipments or complicated or costly programs to achieve great effective results.
My workout has change quite a bit - doing the stairs is simple but it also effective,(taking it daily for the past 2 weeks beginning with 1x12 up). My upper thigh measurement was 24.5 inches and it is now just under 24 inches. The "cottage cheese" look on areas of my thighs have been drastically reduced and I've reduced my lower body reps to only 2 sets of heavy.
Last night I did 12 flights of stairs 7 times with 13 steps per flight and alternate 2-1 stepping up interval.
I've decided to keep a "stair climbing log" and have committed to increasing the amount I do by adding 1 set to my previous trek. So, tomorrow AM at 5:30 I'm be doing it 8x12 up and 8x12 down. Though my legs are shaking like jelly going down, I find it helps to relax my muscles. I've also begun to implement using the rails to propel myself up and down - thus giving my upper body a bit of a workout as well.
Due to the rapid results I'm seeing I'm becoming a "stair climber addict" and that might be a good thing after all.

Just took a look at my blog and my timer is no more - don't have time to look into fixing it, but I'm into day 23 and counting.
Today was a rest day with a well deserved back massage after work. Tomorrow will be upper with sit-ups in the PM and stair climber in the AM.
There's a reason why I've refrained from posting pictures taken in the frontal view - The goal is to post this side of me on March 31st. My schedule day to achieve my ultimate fitness challenge. In the meantime I will continue to post my back and side views.
For now, stay the course, and run your race with patience.


B said...

Stair climbing is a great way to exercise and its hard. When I was on holiday in July the resort was built on a hill and there 279 steps from the bottom to the reception area. Every morning I ran those steps several times and what a workout it was.I'm sure you'll see great results doing it on a regular basis.

Marbella said...

I am so amazed at what you have found to do such a grand workout. Imagine those stairs just waiting for you all this time, and now you are getting the best workout ever! Wish I had some stairs around. I do have 2 sets of stairs in my house, but both are curved, and will probably trip and mess up my face! Stairs AND climbing up anything is so hard. Am in awe of you doing so much! Congrats and you Go Girl!