Monday, February 25, 2008

Wow time flies

I can't believe that the last time I entered a post was Feb 4th. My Feb 14th deadline has come and gone but I am closer to my all time goal which is to reduce my body fat to 12%. My tight clothing (pants) are now fitting without any rolls floating over (pics will be posted soon).
I have been sick once more with the flu and dealing with a taxing job plus studying, and a part time writing job has taken all of my time. My workouts has not been consistent, simply because my work shift is now 7-3; meaning that I have to rise at 5am to prepare for work, and there has been some days whereby I just didn't have the umph to hit the gym. Nevertheless, my eating has been spotless, and I continue to lose fat though not as fast as I'd like.
I've made the commitment to workout when I get home at 3:45pm regardless of how I feel.
I'm still on my "how lean can I go" to March 31st.
I'm back into my workout plan:
Mon - 5x10 sets/upper/sit-ups & 5x12FS.
Tue - 5x10 sets/lower/5X12FS
Wed - 6x12FS and sit-ups
Thursday - 6x10 sets upper
Friday - Cardio
A shout out to Deb and Suzette for being so sweet to check in on me! Thanks ladies!


Debbie said...

Welcome Back Diane!!

Shred hard to March 31st! We've missed you.


Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. you have been missed! the flu thing seemed to travel the world this winter. i figured you were busy with job and all. good to hear your still on the good eats! i most always work out after work in the evening. getting the diet under control is major as far as i am concerned and it seems you have that taken care of. stop by when you can!

B said...

Good to see you back in action.

Michael said...

Diane, thanks for the Facebook message. I hope you are feeling better and soon!

Anonymous said...

dropping by to see how you are doing. take care.