Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 4 and liking it a little!

I've just finished my PM upper workout and it was a struggle - I really cannot wait until tomorrow PM to have has to be tonight! ( small homemade healthy muffins) I'll send you the recipe if you like! The depleted feeling has caught up to me.

I forfeit my cardio and sit-ups cause I just don't have it to give!

There's something exhilarating when you get dressed in clothes that normally fit snug, and find they now fit perfectly. There's a feeling of empowerment that causes you to stand up taller than usual. There's something wonderful when you touch your side or stomach deliberately on not - and find it difficult to grab fat, instead you feel muscle. You're encouraged when your co-workers, friends and family make comments about how good you look.
It is during those times that you realized that it is worth the work; that the minutes you give into working out and eating right is actually a huge investment into your life.
It is an awakening moment because you discover that where you're at in comparison to where you were, and how you felt about you and the freedom or lack of it simply confirms to you exactly where you need to be to be, to give, expect and live your best life.
So do whatever works best for you, do what will help you live your best life - do it, it is so worth it!
Today, it was my upper body for 20 min and sit-ups for 10 min.
Eating at 100% and just elated!


Anonymous said...

So excited for you Diane! your efforts are paying off! keep shredding hard! IT IS WORTH IT!!

B said...

Its great when you reap the rewards of all your hard work. Well done and keep that good feeling with you.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

thanks ladies!

Andrew said...

Hey Diane,

I can't agree more, I remember back last year when I had to buy a whole new wardrobe as tops were tents and trouser just kept falling down. You get a new found sense of confidence. Luckily I can still fit into my new warddrobe but they are snug now so I am again looking forward to that day when you realise, hey they fit fine now!!! Keep up the great work.

Take care,


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

I love that warrior pose and reading your positive blog regularly. It really lifted my spirits today.

Mike Groom said...

Diane, you are looking pretty strong there. Keep shredding!

Michael said...

What's that I hear? Is that a roar? Roaring and soaring...I LOVE that! Welcome back Diane!!!!

Marbella said...

Hi Diane!
Always love to come by your blog as you are so postive and learn something always. Hope you have a great weekend. Best vibes to you!


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Just swing by to say, "Hi." Have a great weekend!