Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doing pretty good on Day 55

Into day 5 of absolutely no carbs and total consumption of limited fruit and massive amounts of veggies. Amazingly enough I'm doing great (day three was brutal) - had a high intensity workout this AM. I've decided to stick with this plan until my trip on the 28th. So from Fri PM to Sat PM 'll be concentrating on carb loading which will include 1 cheat meal, then back to the veggie and protein plan on Sun-Thurs.
Getting pretty excited about going home to see my folks, and moving into the holiday mode, so have to keep my mind focused until the 27th.
I do plan on working out at least 3 days a week while on holidays.
"Limitations are only obstacles we place on ourselves - we have the power to break through them anytime we choose"


Larry said...

Diane - keep the calories up so your energy doesn't crash. Shred on!

Marbella said...

so what exactly are you eating...only veggies + a little fruit? Sounds good, and if you eat when you are hungry you can have BIG energy. Good for you. Hope you do feel great. Let us know how it´s going. Am going to be checking in on what you are finding out....