Sunday, August 24, 2008

Until Oct 1st it is vacation time with ACV and coffee no more!

For the past week I've exercised only one day, but kept my eating clean. I'm not slacking on my exercise but my body was not cooperating at all. Tue, I had to leave the office early due to a stomach upset (for those who don't know I was diagnose with Fibroid that can at times become inflamed and be quite painful) I finally found a home remedy cure- ACV (Apple cider vinegar) that is supposed to shrink the fibroid and eliminate the bloated works and I am now using it twice daily. I've since discovered that taking ACV helps to reduce BF and I am now convinced it does!
Found out that fibroid feed on too much estrogen in the body and to shrink it the body needs to be in an alkaline state...thus the ACV consumption.
1 tbsp twice daily with a small glass of water...add a touch of baking soda to eliminate the vinegar taste.

Then Wed-Thur I had a headache that I just could not shake, so my workouts were derailed along with a reduced appetite. Thursday nite a friend was chatting with me about coffee drinking and read an article to me on the facts and findings from drinking coffee. I decided that I'll stop drinking that stuff and haven't since - until this morning when I was craving it...made 2 cups, had 1/2 a cup and realized that I don't need or enjoy how it is making me feel and flushed the rest down the drain.
So, no more coffee and welcome ACV that has done wonders for me...I was getting desperate as the size of my stomach looked like I was pregnant regardless if I'd just woken up with an empty stomach.
This Mon-Wed I'll be incorporating cardio and full body workouts.
Thursday morning I leave for my 1 month trip and a note book that will be used to document my travelling and prepare for the next phrase of my fitness journey which will commence from Oct 1st - Dec 31st.
While on vacation I will be exercising every day because my sister is extremely overweight and I plan on helping her get into healthy eating and a regular exercise routine.
Alright folks, until Oct 1st - stay healthy, reach for the best, believe in yourself, expect the best and the best will come in.


Anonymous said...

Diane, so glad the acv is working for you. i've heard lots of good thingsa bout acv.
You have a blast on your vacation and do think of us shredders, we'll be thinking of you and praying for safe travels!
See you on October 1!

Debbie said...

Hi Diane, have a great trip. So, you are another shredder that is going without coffee. Let me know when you get back if you were able to stay off of it.

Buffedstuff said...

Hey, enjoy your vacation, I will be trying spaghetti squash for the first time thanks to you. I pray that your health improves.

Mike Groom said...

Enjoy you're trip away!

Marbella said...

Hope I get to you in time to wish you a Happy Vacation, and good health the whole time. I haven´t tried ACV, but sounds great. I know LILLA talks about having it organic too. You might want to read up on raw eating, which is all about alkaline vs. acid. A green smoothie does wonders to balance out just that. Hope you and your sister have a marvelous time. Tell us when you´re back!
Thinking of you.....