Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm ready for the next leg of my journey

I'm ready - my mind is ready and so is my body to get moving, to make strides on this next leg of my fitness journey.
I planned on joining Suzette on her 32 day challenge, but due to my back injury I lost some days.
Anyhoo, for the next 32 days - beginning tomorrow my goal is to make the greatest fat loss ever. Pic will be posted tomorrow!
My workout plan is ready
My nutritional plan is ready and tweaked
My vision is clear and focused
My energy is at peak and I am pumped
I predict that this leg will be a break through stage in my journey towards leanness.
Stay the course, stay focus and keep making strides towards your finish line.


Anonymous said...

Diane, thanks so much for your support over the past year or so! I remember reading your blog early on shortly after finding Adam. we have certainly had our ups and downs...but now on to bigger and better things! we will make our dreams and goals happen! I will be here to see you accomplish your greatest fat loss ever!! you can so do it!

angienicholas said...

good luck you can do it you and Suzette both. have a great week Angie hope your back is better.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Ladies, thanks for your kind words and best wishes...right back at you, and yes my back is all better.

Anonymous said...

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