Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 78 of 120 and back at it

Well, the Christmas celebration of feasting is over! I allowed myself three days to enjoy; not indulge in the baked treats, chocolate, and a few drinks. Today, it is back to my normal nutritional plan along with an intense upper body workout, sit-ups and cardio session.
My workout plan for the remaining of 2008:
Sun - Cardio & sit-ups
Mon - legs and cardio
Tue - Upper, cardio & sit-ups
Wed - Cardio
I trust that you've all enjoyed your celebration and as we count down to welcoming a new year, let's remember to leave 2008 with thankfulness and enter 2009 with the same attitude of thankfulness, and great expectations for a fabulous year in every way. Stay the course and don't quit!


Anonymous said...

Great Job!!! Just as a reminder though, it take a disciplined diet and fitness routine to stay in such great shape like you!

Marbella said...

Love seeing how well you are doing. Want to wish you a fabulous 2009 and may it be the very best ever for you.
Happy New Year!