Sunday, December 7, 2008

Into the last half of my journey towards leanness

Today marks my half way mark in my journey towards leanness - the next 60 days need to count-being spotless with my nutrition and workout plan is crucial to me being successful in this final leg.
Alas, again another unusually busy Sunday - will catch up tomorrow.
My workout plan from last week is continuing this week.
Nutrition, a bit of tweaking.
I'm noticing changes all over my body, BF reduced by 2% - so I'm now down to 18%. Less fat to grab and that is a great feeling. Definition in my legs taking shape.
Alright, stay the course people and don't even think of quitting.


Larry said...

Great job Diane! Great progress. Keep at it - -

Adam Waters said...

Awesome work Diane, a 2% bf drop is off the Richter and is evidenced by your pics. It feels great doesn't it!

Buffedstuff said...

Keep moving forward Diane, that is indeed good news.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

thanks guys - yes, it is a great feeling...hard work and discipline is paying off.

Marbella said...

Am loving to see how well you are doing, and wish you all the best in the last leg of the journey. YOu can do this and do it well. Am pulling for you!