Friday, March 15, 2013

Why A Lack of Exercise Isn't Good For You

Do you think sometimes we are overloaded with information as to why exercise is good for you? We hear see commercials, read it in just about every magazine, newspaper, internet, and if that wasn't enough, we hear about it at work. This post is to remind you of the positive results  from exercising, and the negative results from not exercising. 

Why a lack of exercise isn't good for you
  • it keeps you sluggish and tired, and after drowning 3-4 cups of coffee for clarity, you give up, yeah, you just need more sleep.
  • your sleep pattern is restless, and you wake up feeling more tired than ever, and others feel the effects of it.
  • your sex drive is on the downward slide, after all you barely have enough energy to get moving in the morning.
  • you don't feel good about yourself, and it shows in how you dress and the colour of your eyes have lost their spark
  • you reach for more foods laden with sugar and carbohydrates for an energy boost, but the rush is short lived.
  • your body feels a bit softer, and it is.
  • your self confidence takes a hit.
  • your clothes are fitting snug, feeling more like spandex material, and you're not happy with the image staring back at you in the mirror - actually, you avoid mirrors at all cost.
  • your life span decreases.

Why exercise is good for you
  • it improves your mindset - it clears the mind of those darn cobwebs and allows better blood flow to the brain, for a sharper, focused you.
  • it enables a more restful sleep - which means you are less crabby during the day, and can handle your work and play day in a better frame of mind.
  • your sex drive (aka libido) gets a boost, more enjoyment, and pleasure to give and receive.
  • you feel better about your self...yes, you do.
  • you are more self aware of what you're feeding yourself - making more nutritious choices
  • you lose excess fat - which results in more energy.
  • your self confidence takes a massive boost.
  • your clothes fits better, so you take a second; heck a third look in the mirror, and why love the healthier you staring back at you.
  • your life span increases. 

Make the commitment today, make whatever adjustments to incorporate exercise as part of your daily life. You'll begin to reap the rewards that exercising the body brings.

What type you exercise/s do you enjoy doing and how many times a week do you exercise?

To your health and enjoyment!


jeremy said...

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Knittingknutty said...

It has been on my mine to get started again. I am significantly over weight. I have been through a lot this past couple of years and it's up to me to make the change, Thanks for your post. It hit home for me.