Friday, October 19, 2007

A bit of history on me!

Oct 15th pictures

I actually had a blog on my fitness journey going for about 14 months, then decided to delete it. Why? Well, I was committed for most of the time, but found that within the 14 months I was no further ahead or closer to my fitness goals. So with that said, I decided to stop blogging and find out the reason why I struggled to lose 4 inches of fat off my waist and reduce my BF for a full 14 months.

That was 6 weeks ago! Found the answers and have since begun my program - following what I've spent time creating and I'm now close to the end of week 2 and decided to blog and post weekly pictures again.
I've read a number of fitness profiles of men who have achieved drastic results within 8-12 weeks, and think we need to see more women reaching such great milestones. So I'm up to the challenge to be one of those women, and to encourage others to go for their fitness goals regardless of their age and circumstances.

Pictures will be posted every Monday of each week -Measurements for my BF and waist will be taken every 4th week of this program, and at that time I will share the results.

Start date: Oct 8th
Finish date: Dec 24th
Waist measurement: 29 inch
BF: 19%

Fitness Goal:
26 inch waist
BF: 12%

I will endeavour to keep my sharing simple, honest and to the point.

Week 1 Nutrition and exercise:

3 days of low carb eating, 1 day high carb then 2 low carb day, and 1 cheat day.

Alternate with full body strength training and cardio with sit-ups with Sunday off.

Week 2 Nutrition and exercise:

Following the same pattern of eating

Alternate one day upper, cardio, lower, sit-ups on cardio days with Sunday off.


Multi, B-complex, Vitamin C&D, Calcium, Glutamine, Chromium, CLA and Udo oil.

Until tomorrow, stay the course and keep moving towards your finish line!

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