Saturday, October 20, 2007

What's happening today

Today was my upper body workout. It was good, but a few weeks ago I injured my shoulder so I'm being careful not to over do it. Nevertheless, I had a good workout!
Last night was my cheat meal, so I had two servings of desserts and felt immensely sick until bed time and then again this morning.
My eating for today in LCD - low carb day and tomorrow it will be an all fruit and rest day.

You'll find as you adjust your nutrition to include more healthy foods, that your body gets use to observing healthier foods, thus when you do indulge, there will sometimes be a negative reaction. That is a good thing, because you'll find your desire for junk food is decreasing, and with the intake of proper foods, your body burns more fat, and that is what your ultimate goal.

OK, stay the course and keep moving!

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