Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rest and planning day

Today is my assigned rest day and like every rest day, I take the time to review my past week's plan, mentally sharpen my mind and plan what my workout and eating will be for the next week.
The goal here is to compare week one with week two workout, fine tune, and conclude which was a better week results wise, and what should be added, taken away or adjusted.

Today is my all fruit day, to give my body a rest from any form of protein and fats.

Tomorrow will be picture day, and my workout for the next 6 days will be taken to a higher and more intense level than the past two weeks.

I'll be using a combination of simple dumbbells, body weight/strength and the T. Mill to execute my workouts.
My nutritional food intake will comprise of a combo of complex carbs, protein with a minimal amount of fat.

Every week my workouts will be different - no two weeks will ever be alike in any way. This is to avoid a plateau and to keep my workouts fresh and keep the fat burning edge on at all times.

This third week is extremely important to me because the workouts being implemented are different and the only weights that will be this week will be my dumb bells. The results will show on picture day if the change was good, great or not!

OK, you know the drill - go hard whenever you're working out, keep it fresh and dig deep, and keep moving towards your finish line.

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