Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 6 of 14 RTP and my week 4

Today was an all cardio day with sit-ups and gotta admit that my motivation to hit the gym was low. Really can't explain why, but I was dragging my feet, but once I was there it was a different story. Completed an intense 45 min of "tha mix" of bike, skipping, and jumping.

Today is my HCD, but seeing that I'm attending a Halloween party, I'm going to play it safe with another LCD.

OK, here are my pics. Need to ask Adam how he manages to put two pics side by side... tried, but once the post is published, it appears single file.

Alright, stay focus and keep moving!


Marbella said...

Hi Diane,
Love seeing how you´re doing so well! I too can´t figure out how to put the 2 side-by-side either, but heck, they´re close together anyway. Sometimes I don´t feel like exercising (well almost always), but with this SHRED, have been so gung-ho. Want to keep this up always. Will be checking in tomorrow. Lookin´ good girl!

Coffeetalk said...

Hi Diane,

Stopping by to check in on you. Great job in overcoming your desire to not hit the gym! You are looking very strong, Diane.


dougal said...

Wow Diane, you are really making progress. I can see amazing changes in your pics. BTW Love the ink.

Suzette said...

i, too almost didn't get my workout in. got it in the end of the day, literally. i almost said to heck with it, i am too tired. but did it anyway knowing you all would be here checking up on each other! the power of accountability! you are doing great! keep up the intensity!

Michael said...

Never surrender! Days like you just had are tests and when you conquer them, you are that much stronger!