Thursday, November 1, 2007

Double the cardio, double the fun!

Nov 1st

Nov 1st

Sept 9th

Oct 15th

Oct 26th

Nov 1st

Here we are one week into this 14 day challenge and I'm glad that all of the shredders are still kickin it, pictures don't lie and the results are sweet!

Now to answer Adam's questions!

What has surprised you the most so far? The support and encouragement from everyone
What are your own personal milestones so far? Being consistent with my clean eating!
What victories have you posted so far? Pushing my body like never before despite the pain!
What challenges have you faced and overcome so far? Taking daily pictures when I feel bloated:-( and not 100% impressed!

OK, today was upper body strength training with 15 min of HIT running for 2 min at max, then 1 min at moderate...I was spent! For the next two days I'll be doubling my cardio workouts Am will be no more than 15 min, and in the PM it will be between 30-45 min.
I'm stoked at my progress to date, and have been encouraged by all of the shredders out there. You guys and gals are making your mark and making progress towards your finish line. Keep moving!


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

You are so right! Pictures don't lie and look at your progress. Taking daily pics has been a tough one for the same reasons for me, too. I would NEVER do it without this challenge.

You are looking really great!

Coffeetalk said...

Hi Diane, you have made excellent progress. Question on your double cardio. Will your AM be HIIT and your PM be moderate?


Anonymous said...

you have made awesome progress! this group accountability has really been a key factor in pushing our intensity levels and pushing us when we didn't really feel like it! keep going strong!

Michael said...


The progress you've made is wonderful. It just goes to show that focusing on an issue is the way to solve it. The accountability factor of the pictures is something that we all need and must continue after this group shred is done.