Friday, November 16, 2007

Another day at the gym

Thought I'd post these pictures taken in March of this year - then I slacked off in my eating and exercise and lost my form. I look at those pictures with regret and encouragement! Regret, because I could have been further ahead today, and encouragement because I've done it before and I know I'm going to not just do it this time, but go further.

After consuming my daily 1.5 cups of java during my devotional time, I took the vator to my gym for another 40/40 session of upper and cardio.
I hit all of the muscle group in my upper body for 40 reps of progressive overload, but did not complete my 40 min of cardio.
My body was taxed too soon into my workout, and wasn't sure why, then I recall that last night I went to donate 1 pint of blood, and was told to rest for 24 hours before doing any exercise:-(
Anyhoo the upper had a great session and that is all good.

I'm convinced more than ever that to be successful at anything, your mind must be in harmony with every step you'll take.
If this isn't in place the struggles will be greater and the input and outcome will lack the 110% results.
So, before you lace up and head out, get the mind in gear!


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

You're right. The mind has the power to make all our struggles greater. It even is the reason why see things as struggles. Keep shredding. Great pics and honesty in showing them.

Michael said...

The mind can push you to great things if you let it.

dougal said...

Wow great pics...there's the motivation right there. Yup get the mind in gear and when you walk through the gym door, leave everything else behind..including your ego.