Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back on the Surge

I've decided to get back on the Surge program from today and set aside my personal plan. This decision was made because I'm back into a busy schedule work week from tomorrow, and it is just easier to follow a plan that works , than spend the extra precious time putting my own together.
Today was the fat loss circuit session and it took approximately 40 mins to complete. It was a good workout, but felt that I could have increased the weights for a few of the exercises. Noted for the next workout!

Alright, time to quickly check in on the shredder council.
Keep moving and don't quit on U!


Marbella said...

Hi Diane,
So glad to see you are with us on the Met Surge. It seems to be working well for me! Guess it keeps me on the straight and narrow which is worth a lot. Looking at your photos, can see that you are getting so skinny on us! Congrats for all that hard work. Will be back to check out how it´s going.

Michael said...

Diane, you are doing an awesome job! Probably a smart plan to go back to MS.

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Send positive vibes with your busy. work week at your dream job!

Did you beat the flu before it took hold fully? When you catch it early, sometimes you get lucky and avoid the whole thing. I'm thinkin' no new is good news on the flu front.

Stay rested to keep it at bay.
Have a great time SURGING! :)

Andrew said...

Hey Diane,

Looking great, glad to see you are still making excellent progress. Those are demanding goals but I am sure that you will hit them with your postive outlook on life.

I hope the MS plan continues to work for you, not a great fan of it personally but if it works for you, great.

Take care,


B said...

Looking good there. I too like the metabolic surge workouts. They can be extermely hard and really make you work.