Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 24 of RTP and into week 7 of program

As promised here is my stats:
Oct 15th
Waist: 30 inches
BFM: 19%

Nov 18th
Waist 29 inches
BFM: 18%

Jan 8th 2008 goal - 8 weeks out
Waist 26 inches
BFM 12%

Approximately 1 inch off per month - I know that I could have seen better results, but with everything else that I had to deal with, I'm is better than gaining:-)
So, based on my goal for Jan 8th and the time left, I've about eight weeks to reach that goal...doable!
For the past two days I've been fighting flu like symptoms and have decided to skip my workouts.

I'll be posting my workout and eating plan for the next 2 weeks by tomorrow - seeing that I'll be back at work my schedule will need major adjusting and posting time will have to be by 6:45am my time.
Great to see the shredder council active and in the game...slow and steady wins the race!
Alright for now!


Michael said...

Looks like our body fat numbers and goals are quite similar! Makes me believe I can do it. I will be carefully watching your progress.

Coffeetalk said...

Hi Diane, my goal is to also lose 3 inches. For me, it can come from my waist or hips. I calculated that's how I'd arrive at approximately 29% bodyfat.

Let the shredding continue!


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

I'm with you on the slow and steady wins the race. And they say that's also the way the race stays won!