Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pay Day = regret or reward

1 egg/1/2 cup egg white omlette with handful of spinach and 1/2 bell pepper

Workout this AM 60 min = 5.68km and 568 calories burned. Another 30 min this PM.

I made mentioned a few days back about the word "pay day" in relations to our intense workouts. After declaring last week my "blast out week", I realized that though my workouts were of such, my eating wasn't equally so.
I recalled Adam mentioning the guilt connected and that lingers when you don't meet your personal goals.
That was me last night - went to bed mad at self for blowing it, and woke up with a changed and deeply challenged mindset.
I can't undo my past actions, but I can switch from letting my energy remain on my failure, and instead focus it on the present, and that is what this week will be all about. Redemption!
Payday = regret or reward and the outcome sits totally with me and my actions.

I never heard the name Dean Karnazes, until I read a clip about his accomplishments this AM, do check out his site
Quite something!

OK, here's what my eating for the next 7 days will be all about:

Eating Plan: Sunday – Saturday(LCD)
Meal 1 – 1 egg/1/2 cup egg whites omelet with ½ cup steamed spinach, 1/2 red pepper
Meal 2 – 2 tbsp raw quick oatmeal & ½ cup low fat cottage cheese
Meal 3 – 1 serving chicken or turkey breast with ½ cup steamed spinach
Meal 4 – ¾ cup scrambled egg whites
Meal 5 – 1 serving chicken or turkey breast with ½ cup steamed spinach
Meal 6 – 1-8 ozs glass organic milk before bedtime or ½ cup cottage cheese with ½ cup blue berries
*Friday & Sunday dinners will be outside of the home, Sunday I'll use my free meal.
*Saturday I’ll be at an all day seminar, that will be an all fruit day.


Suzette said...

just like the music video on my blog says, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and stand! you do your thing. we all "mess up" don't dwell on that. you will push on! I love how you have given "themes" to your weeks to help you stay focused. that's a great idea! you are doing awesome!

Sammy said...

Hie Diane, just wanna say that I can definitely see a difference in your pictures! Keep on going!

Michael said...

Don't get down on yourself. Always remember that you've done more to stick to the plan than you have to get off it. Stay with your planning and it will pay off.


Miriam said...

Thank you for sharing your meal plan. It is very helpfull.