Monday, November 5, 2007

Can you feel the burn and 4 days to go!

Today, I changed my strength training workout - 3x12/10/8/6/4 of medium to heavy. Can you feel the burn? ouch!! Got it done nonetheless, plus 20 min of low to moderate cardio. This PM will be moderate to intense of 45 min cardio.
When I found myself wanting to reduce the reps or skip a set, I would tell myself that I only have to this twice per week, and the benefits I'm getting is worth a bit of burn:-)

Supplements I use 6 out of 7 days:

Multi/B complex/C&D vitamin/UDO oil/CLA/Glutamine/Chromium/Calcium/wheat grass juice
Keep making movements towards your finish line. Standing still will leave you stagnant, and anything stagnant equals to no progress!


Coffeetalk said...

Diane, you are looking leaner!

Keep it up. Just a few days to go!


dougal said...

Diane, loved your comment, you're right. We are never standing still we're either moving forward or backwards, choose your direction.

Michael said...

I don't have time to stand still anymore :-) Thanks for the inpsiration!


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

I didn't even think there was room for you to kick up at notch (I thought you were already top notch), and you just carve out a new notch and kick it up some more. Way to go!