Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rest day but did cardio anyway

An assigned rest day but hit the T.Mill and completed 2.5k in 27.20 mins, and finished it off with sit-ups.
How far can we actually push our bodies? If we mentally gear ourselves, is there a limit to what we can do?
Asking these questions because a few days ago a woman was featured on my local news - she's in training 8 hours daily of running by doing that up the "grousegrind"
I've completed "the grind" as it is famous for, but by walking, and after 52 mins upon completion I was exhausted. Now here is this woman running up and down as she preps her body to compete in running one of the most difficult mountains in Nepal, to raise awareness and money for the people there. I can only imagine how many calories she consumes per day!
So, after thinking about her 8 hour feat per day, it was a no brainer for me to at least do 2.5k on my assigned rest day.


dougal said... are ya? We can really push our bodies way beyond what we perceive to be our long as we take enough rest a along the way as well. That Flickr thing is way cool...I love Elmo as well, you're a pretty girl.

Michael said...

I believe that we can push our bodies much further than we think. It is clearing that mental block that helps us performa at our peak.

Andrew said...

Hi Diane,

I agree when the mindset is right we can push our bodies to limits well beyond normal circumstances but I agree with Dougal also, our bodies still need some rest. Don't want to put a downer on your great workout today but don't over do things.

Take care,