Saturday, November 24, 2007

Preparing for week 8 - 3x3 in 5 weeks!

As I prepare myself for week 8 of my 12 program, I have concluded that this week was my least productive week in getting closer to my fitness goal. I acutally felt like I regressed because my eating was not consistent with my plan, even though my workout was consistent.
I just may take Michael's advise and get myself a cooler and pack my meals, or my other alternative is to get back into using a good protein shake along with greens+ for 2 of my meals.
I kinda knew this would happen after starting a new job! I rarely ate and when I did, it was all the wrong things.

I took today off and decided to take the time and return to mapping out and following my own 1-2-3 fat loss program. I initally started to do this because I wanted to prove to myself that with all my past experiences that by now I have a solution that I can implement that will produces results...great results. So, with that said, "The Surge" is back on the shelf after one week, and I am back into my own program.

What is my 3x3 in 5 weeks? Straight up it is to lose 3 inches and 3% BF in the next 5 weeks. OK, so it took me 1 month to lose 1 inch and 1% BF, so what makes me think that I can now make a bold statement to lose 3 inches and 3 %BF in only 5 weeks? Wanna bet I will achieve this goal? What are your predictions? Let me know, and whoever is closer to my results on Dec 29th, will be sent this attached gift - a 4gb memory stick (brand new) a $120 CDN value.

Here is my workout program for the next 2 weeks:
Double time=Cardio AM & PM

Sundays: Sit-ups/Leg raises/25 min cardio/Side bands/Leg paddle
Mondays & Thursdays: Upper(low reps heavy weights 10/8/6/4x2)/25 min cardio/sit-ups
Tuesdays & Fridays: REST
Wednesdays & Saturdays: Lower(low reps heavy weights 10/8/6/4x2) 25 min cardio/sit-ups.
Next week's pictures will be posted in my usual 2 piece bathing suit.
OK, stay the course and do your best for you, cause you so deserve it and don't ever quit!


Lilla said...

I like your drive! I'll be shredding hard alongside you. I start day 1 of MS on Sunday. Full power ahead!

dougal said...

Miriam, every day that you train, each day that you eat right, each day you have the right are moving forward..and THAT is the right direction.