Thursday, November 8, 2007

RTP day 14 has arrived and what a ride!

Wow, I liked the subject heading of Joni's post today - "the end of the beginning", because this ride is going to continue for all of us in the shredder council.
Adam, thanks again for being inspirational, motivational and challenging throughout your 365 days journey. Thanks for allowing the world to peek into your life, and as a result for your accomplishments, others have been challenged to begin the journey of pursuing their fitness dreams, and improving their lives.
To everyone on the shredder council - YOU ROCK!

Throughout the past 14 days I was strengthened in the following areas:
Consistency - to have a visual program to follow in both eating, exercising and mind motivation
Discipline - to do your very best to fulfill your daily plan and commitment to my fellow shredders.
Accountability - Staying true to my fellow shredders at all times.
Pushing my body - I felt the support of this team in every workout and pushed my body like never before.

I've selected to use today as my rest day, but will maintain my LCD eating.
I'm continuing to work towards my personal finish line; which is scheduled to finish on Dec 24th.
My goal is to see my ABS definition and achieve a size 26 inch waist, and continue to lean out.
After that I'm going to take two days off, then continue my journey to Jan 8th - pushing hard towards the RTP finish line.

To the folks out there who periodically or regularly visit my blog, and have not yet taken the steps to improve your health, my message to you is simply this - U CAN SO DO IT!
And if you need support, I'm here to give it; just ask!

Alright keep moving and whatever happens, tell yourself that you will never, ever quit and then follow through!


Miriam said...

Congratulations Diane,
I see muscle definition and tone in your back. I am sure that soon we will all start to see the same in your ab muscles.

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Diane, I wanted to come by and give you the Official Congratulations on Day 14. Yeah, you and Joni are so right about this being the end of the beginning. You look great. Man your arms are fantastic and you have really to use your words, "leaned out." Amazing.

Thanks for being there for me and getting some of my more esoteric blog posts. I dig what you do. I'll keep visiting so I can wish you a congrats Dec. 24th and every successful step on the way!

Anonymous said...

What a ride this 14 days has been. you have been a rock to a lot of us. you have proven what it takes to transform your body and your mind. love your spirit and attitude! will continue on visiting you through the future.
"you" rock!

Adam Waters said...

You are off to a "flyer" Diane, enjoy the ride and keep shredding!

Adam Waters

Andrew said...

Hey Diane,

You are looking great. Your goals are set-up and you have a clear plan ahead of you. You are gonna get where you want to be and fast. Keep going you are a great inspiration.

Hope you had a great rest day.

Take care,


Coffeetalk said...

Hi Diane,

Awesome work on your 14 day program. I can tell you lost inches and love your enthusiasm on your blog.

Count on me to support you as well!


Chelsey said...

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