Friday, December 28, 2007

Preping for the kick off

As we edge closer to the beginning of 2008 like myself; I'm sure everyone has begun to prepare their "I can do goals" for a number of areas in our lives. Without a doubt I know that improving ones' health and getting in better shape is on that list.

My plan is ready to be launched, but I'm not just sitting silently awaiting Jan 1st - no, I've begun to not only mentally charge myself, but have begun to slowly adjust my eating habits.
I've selected to avoid all forms of physical activities until Jan 1st, and the reason is to achieve optimal rest, to go hard for 35 days (only 5 rest days are scheduled within the 40 day plan).

I'm excited to reconnect with all my shredder folks and be part of a cheering team as we make huge strides, as we journey towards our personal goals in 2008.


Lilla said...

Yay! I can hear the wheels churning as you get ready to charge forward. Welcome back! You've been missed. :)

Anonymous said...

hope you had a pleasant holiday. have missed your posting. love to read your blog. you are so uplifting and positive. Love your attitude. we are ready to shred in 2008!

Debbie said...

Diane, great to see you back and on focus for 2008.