Monday, December 31, 2007

Ditch the scale - really?

Making that a new year's resolution could be an all time good thing for you! Why is that? well the scale isn't really your friend as some might want you to think. It does not reflect an accurate tale of your overall accomplishments. You could actually have lost 2 lbs of fat, but because of water retention the scale shows a gain in weight. This doesn't stimulate you at all does it?

Rather, go with Lilia's challenge - grab a piece of your favourite clothing that hasn't fitted the way it used to, grab a camera and take a pic. Then let that clothing be the goal you'll set for your first fitness accomplishment!
You will find as you implement and follow a proper eating and exercise plan that your favourite jeans, slacks, dress, skirt, top etc is looking better and better on you. That is the EVIDENCE you want to see!

Another suggestion - measure yourself - the cost for a tape measuring tool is about 2 bucks...less that what a scale cost and tells a better tale. No need to measure everywhere if you don't want to...go for the waist, arms and thighs.
OK, I'm going with Lilia's challenge and will post my goal to fit into a fav top and slacks. They're currently hanging on my bedroom door and will remain there until I easily slide into them.
Pictures will be posted within the week - my home internet is down so I'm scrambling here to post at work.

Alright, Happy New Year and may is be a fruitful one to all!


Lilla said...

Welcome aboard the clothing challenge! I'll be watching for your pic. :D

Debbie said...

Hi Diane, looking forward to being in the clothing challenge with you! I'm still not ready to ditch the scale.


Marbella said...

Hi Diane,
Want to wish you all the best in this New Year, and hope it´ll be a good one for you. I too am doing that clothing challenge, but will be hard to manage my tight jeans!
Have you seen the push-up challenge? And the Chin-up one too?
Happy New Year.

Adam Waters said...

Happy New Year Diane, great to see you taking on the clothing challenge. I have ditched my scale but I never used it to begin with so I'm not sure if that helps!

Joni said...

Hi! Stopping by since I have been out of the loop - glad to see you are back in action as well and getting geared up for the months ahead (aren't we all?) I'll be around much more now that I have a regular schedule again - yay routine! Happy new year and talk to you soon!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Glad to see you're back and better than ever. Happy, happy New Year.