Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 8 and it was all upper

At 5:30am I picked up my weights for a 20 min upper body session plus sit-ups.
8/6/4x1 going heavy. I know it doesn't appear to be much of a workout, but it was, and I was surprised as to how much I felt it. I could tell that my strength hasn't fully returned, so there will be no pushing to the max until I know that I can.

My eating has been very clean and consistent - have the meals at work all figured out, and thinking that today I'll be getting some "green+energy" to aid in building me up.

Today food intake:
Meal 1: scrambled egg
Meal 2: 1 apple
Meal 3: 1 w.w english muffin with lean ham and 1 slice cheese (no condiments)
Meal 4: 1 slice home made banana bread
Pm: 20 min cardio
Meal 5: 1/2 cup broc, carrots and turkey patty
Meal 6: 1 glass organic milk

OK, time for my devotional, breaky and work. Have a good one folks and thanks to all you who have checked in on me...appreciate the support. Keep moving and don't quit - U can so do it!


Miriam said...

Hi Diane,
I hope that you do not mind that I borrowed your signature pose this week.

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Your signature pose is going to be all the rage! I just saw it on Suzette's blog and now I'll check it out on Miriam's. You just make it look so good. As soon as I have any kind of muscles I plan to give it a go. :)

Glad to hear your feeling better. Home made banana bread! Ooh. That sounds good.

Debbie said...

Diane, I'm doing a 12-Day Challenge starting Sunday, Dec 9th. Let me know if you want to join in.