Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another successful day!

Oct 26th/2007 Jan 10th/2008

Wow, pictures don't lie for sure and I decided to post my pics taken Oct 26th at the beginning of the shredder's mission, and today and I am stoked big time. Pumped because I was not working out for approximately 6 weeks, and I still like the progress made just from working out this week.
Today my eating was low carbs and my workout was upper of 3x12/10/8 and 60 sit-ups per oblique. Taking a rest from cardio!
Sunday will begin week 2 and I will be doing the 12FS twice plus 5 cardio days and continuing with the same strength training of 3x12/10/8 of medium to heavy.
OK folks keep making movements towards your finish line - U can so do it!

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Lilla said...

12 FS TWICE! You're a mad woman! I love it! :D