Thursday, January 17, 2008

A cardio experiment!

I've decided for the remaining time that is left on my personal challenge, I will undertake a new experiment with my cardio. Seeing that the T. Mill in my gym is broken, and I am bored doing any other form of cardio I will use my climbing 12 flights of stairs instead.

So, today I began - 20 min on the clock and completed 12 floors 6 times going up, and my cool down session was dragging myself down - winded is an understatement, but I did it!
I have also decided to reduce my lower body strength training to one set less than my upper, because doing stairs will give my calves, butt and quads a great workout too.
I will be adding 5 min increments to my cardio every week until my goal date. I will share my thoughts on how effective stair climbing was.
Actually, I found a link on "climbing stairs"
Benefits of Stair Climbing:
Stair climbing burns about twice as many calories than any other sport or activity.
Stair climbing requires less time to do the same intensity of a workout. For example, if you run 30 minutes per day, the same workout intensity could be achieved with 15 minutes of stair climbing.
Stair climbing is a total body workout. It makes the arms stronger with the use of the arms pulling you up with the use of the rails (or banister) which is allowed and encouraged. Stair climbing especially builds muscle mass in the legs, including the quadriceps and calfs. It is an aerobic sport as it works the cardio-vascular lung package. Stair climbing becomes an anaerobic event after about 10 to 20 flights of stairs as it strains your aerobic capacity to hold an intense load on the cardio-vascular package to the top of a very tall building. Since the contest is vertical, even a 70 story race up is not a total sprint and requires endurance, sprint, and muscular strength to complete in a fast time
Remember, how we live today will be reflected in our tomorrows'.


Lilla said...

I wish I had some stairs. I might go to the stadium one day a week and run up and down. Thanks for the inspiration.

Suzette said...

doing stairs will be great. for sure let us know how that goes.
I also loved your post from the 14th Keeping your why in mind!

Mike Groom said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and say g'day. looks like you are doing terrifically well!


Debbie said...

Diane, I wish I had access to that many flights of stairs.

I have a tall step up box (from The Firm) which gets my heart rate up very quickly. I can use that instead of stairs but not sure I could do it for 30 minutes!