Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clothing picture posting time

Jan 4th Jan 16th

Jan 4th Jan 16th

I've just finished a pretty raunchy workout plus sit-ups, and making a quick post, then time to hit the books.
Seriously, I really do not know how Adam does it - with a full time job, time to prep, do the workouts, play, study and attend to daily stuff and still have time to daily post...yikes!!!! I can barely keep up.
Wow, it is 29 days and counting to my "how lean can I go" and as that clock ticks, I am reminded that my deadline draws nigh. Everyday counts - my attitude, what I eat, how much I eat, and the depth of my workouts will all help or hinder my end result.

My intent is to go about the rest of my 29 days as if I'm in training to compete in a fitness show - going hard, clean and safe with my eating and workouts.
OK you know the drill - do your thing folks!

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