Monday, January 14, 2008

Keeping the why in mind!

Reminders are important - kinda like making an appointment and creating reminders on your phone or blackberry to remind you about your appointment.
So it is with setting and working towards goals - if we don't know the reason "why" we're doing what we're doing, then chances are we'll never accomplish what's planned.

Why am I saving X amount of dollars per pay check?
Why am I taking this course/program?
Why am I taking steps to create a fitness blog, exercise and nutritional plan and working it?

Having the answer at our finger tips is crucial to maintaining the positive progressive discipline towards the fulfillment of our goals.
Great tools that help along the way is support in the form of encouragement and reminders from friends and family when it gets tough.
Daily or weekly pictures, measuring tape, BF tool, reading informative health and fitness articles at and a piece of clothing we want to fit back into are other effective tools to assist us.

Today, it is upper body, sit-ups and cardio with low carb intake.
Stay the course!

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Marbella said...

Hi Diane,
Wanted to check up on you and see how it´s going. You know each day goes by slowly, but all of a sudden, we´ll see this fabulous new YOU and be glad we knew you way back when. You´re doing great! Love your strong attitude!