Monday, January 7, 2008

The start of my second day

Had an awful night's sleep...I should have stayed up, but for the 4 plus hours, I'm doing pretty good. I had my weights all laid out for my upper body workout, so I was not just physically prepared but mentally also. Within 30 min I'd finished a full upper body 3x12/10/8 of medium to heavy lifting plus sit-ups.
Joni, I attempted to do my push-ups with no knees touching the ground and got to 6 - that is a milestone for me, the remaining 21 was with my knees kissing the ground, but hey I did it:-)

This PM I'll do my 30 min of cardio and oh, forgot to mention that after each cardio session I'll be climbing the stairs back to my pad - 12 stories high
Consumed so far 1 8oz glass of organic veggie juice with 1/2 scoop of greens+extra energy (I'll be needing it today), 1 egg plus 1/3 cup whites.
Time to get ready for work - have a great one all!
Pics will be posted on Saturday!


Marbella said...

Hey Diane,
Your blog is looked so good! Love it the way you have it now. Your lifestyle seems so focused and love seeing how well you are doing. 12 stories high? Great way to get in some great legs!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

How lean can you go in 40 days? Nice. With the countdown timer and everything. It makes your blog very exciting. Like an episode of 24! I dig on the cue cards. You've got all your tools in place and a plan. You're on a roll! Great stuff.

Michael said...

Nice job on the planning...I love the fitness challenge idea.