Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rev that engine darling

Excited, ecstatic, elated, pumped, hilariously joyful are some of the words that I felt and continue to revel in as I commence my day 1 of 40 of my personal fitness challenge. How lean can I go within 40 days? that my friend is the question I've proposed to myself!
With 40 cue cards in place with workouts listed for each day, I'm set!

Today was all out cardio 30 mins plus 3x40 sit-ups.
5 min warm up on the stairmaster
20 min of HITT speed walking at incline 10 of 6km speed of 90 secs, then cool down of 30 sec.
5 min cool down on the bike.
Can someone say lung burn?

I was a bit disappointed to see a new notice on my gym door - gym is now only accessible at 7am to 10pm.
My plan was to do my cardio at 5:30am, then strength train in the PM. OK, so I have to do a slight adjustment - strength train and sit-ups in the am and cardio in the pm!
Believe in yourself, believe that you can do anything and you'll find the strength to do it!

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Debbie said...

Diane, your head's in the right place! I'm also wondering how lean you can go in 40 days! I'll be supporting you on your challenge.

Rev that engine darling!