Sunday, February 3, 2008

11 days and still at it

According to my calendar I've 11 days left to complete my part 1 of "how lean can you go" challenge. As much as I would like to post daily and check in on my fellow shredders blogs and post comments, I just don't have the time to stay consistent in this area. So if you don't hear from me on a daily basis, I am still actively involved in working towards my goals, and thinking about you folks; sending positive thoughts your way, knowing that eventually each of us will reach our personal best.

Today I added another FS to my already 12 flights - I completed 13 flights 6 times in 25 minutes. Trust me, I was huffing and puffing but stayed the course. I alternated between taking 1 to 2 steps at a time. Sit-ups was done prior to the stair climbing.

I've noticed that since I've started doing stairs for carido that the fat around my mid section has reduced a lot. Even after having supper at night, I find that there isn't much to grab and I like it a lot.
OK my cyber friends and fellow shredders stay the course, enjoy the ride, encourage yourself and don't ever quit. Come on, U can so do it!


B said...

I admire your dedication to the stair running.
I know what you mean about the time factor blogging. It really does take quite a bit of time.

Adam Waters said...

Way to go Diane, you should have a "Stair Challenge"!

Adam Waters said...
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