Saturday, March 29, 2008

1 week after and my recap

I'm officially 45 mins away from concluding 1 week - 7 days without any pop, alcoholic beverages, desserts and junk food. As expected, Friday night a few friends visited and we ordered in pizza - I had 2 slices (my cheat meal) without pop which in all my 25 plus years of eating pizza has never happened. It would either be pop or beer with pizza - always!
Then today I launched into prep for my friend's mom B-day party and there it was - a home made chocolate cake...I was pressed to have a tiny slice...after all it was a special occasion, so I indulged - by appeasing everyone with the tiniest bite - probably could fit into 1 tbsp spoon. Was I in pain? heck yes, how could you not be with the rich smell of that amazing cake staring back at you and watching and hearing the groans as bites of this tasty cake was being consumed.
Nonetheless, I stuck to my commitment - the contract I made with myself that for the next 30 days I'm going to re-incorporate healthy habits back into my life.
Added to my 30 days as from tomorrow I'm eliminating all dairy from my diet except eggs & whites.
My workout covered 5 out of 7 days...was aiming for 6 but I'm not complaining. Moving into my second week my goal is to up the anty by going medium to heavy with the weights and increase my cardio.
Alright I'm all smiles as I sign out celebrating a small but significant victory with sights set on raising the bar one small challenge at a time every day!
Don't ever entertain the thought that you can't just because you've fallen short too many times; just get up and give it your best, and you will rise as the over comer you are. It is within you to win or else you won't keep trying!


Joni said...

Great job on staying strong! When you have a firm commitment, that does make it easier because you see the long term gain in the short term sacrifice. When you keep this going, you'll reach all your goals for sure!

Anonymous said...

Diane, you are doing great! we are more than overcomers! Keep celebrating those "small" victories! Love reading your positive attitude!!
Shred On!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Thanks ladies; hearing from you helps to keep me accountable and fuels my fire. I sincerely appreciate you both!