Friday, April 25, 2008

Picture Day

No time to make this neat, but the order is Day 1 and then day 32 later. Will share later! PS I'm very happy with my results and I forgot to wear my shirt!
I'll be taking it easy for the next 2 days - Two rest days, but I'll still be careful with my eating except to enjoy 1 Molson Canadian beer and maybe a home made apple crumble...maybe!
I'm still conscious and alert to what I need to do to stay focused.
So, what will be my new challenge for the next 30 days?
I've two challenges rolling around in my mind and I'm thinking of implementing them both.

Challenge 1:
Eliminate all processed carbs from my nutritional plan for a period of 9 days, then on day 10, I'll take that day to enjoy a bagel if I wish or a bowl of pasta. (Carb loading)
So, it would be 9 days straight of eating only complex carbs from sweet potatoes/brown rice/squashes/beans/veggies/fruit.
9 days on 1 day off times 3 = 30 days.
Challenge 2:
Rise 30 min earlier on three working days to double my cardio.
I'm processing and thinking this through and will make my final decision on Sunday and share it with you.
OK have a wonderful week-end and stay the course and don't ever quit! U can so do it!!

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