Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Digging deeper to get the best out of me

OK, so I'm all focused last night to lace up, do my sit-ups, legs and hit the trail. Got outside and started running...temperature was cool; perfect for running...then I smelled something strong and sweet in the instant headache, but I kept running. Found out that a body shop around the corner was spray painting cars...headed home deflated but not down...hit the T.Mill for a whopping 20 secs. I just couldn't do it! I rode the vator upstairs, showered and had supper.
What happened there?
I was so zoned in on the run that I did not entertain or prepared myself for set-backs; thus an alternate form of cardio did not come into play. The seed wasn't planted and therefore no results were had.
Having a back-up plan is essential at all times - not just in the gym as I so learnt...I have to always prepare my mind and get as pumped with my original plan and back-up with visual in place for both.
Lesson learned and moving on!
Today I did not workout; instead I spent time putting my thoughts on paper for my next leg of the journey of attaining to my personal best.
Reminders are a good tool to keep you focused, and encouraged - so use temptations as stepping stones towards achieving your goal/s.

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Marbella said...

Diane, I´ll just bet your time at home planning and thinking was even more useful than that failed run. As DÓUGAL shows us, the mind is so important. Have a good one today. Thinking of you.