Thursday, June 19, 2008

Counting down and getting ready to the next 46 days!

My determination to take action will produce success!
It is my determine discipline to succeed!
Discipline people succeed!
It takes work, but it's worth it!
I believe for the best, while giving and expecting the best and the best will come!Why 46 days? well it is the day before my 44th birthday so what better day to complete what I believe will be the best B-day present a girl can give herself. A fitter and healthier body!

The past 2 days my eating pattern has been something like this:
Meal 1 - omlette or protein shake
Meal 2 - oatmeal
Meal 3 - protein with veggies
Meal 4 - Protein shake or almonds with 1 fruit
Meal 5 - Same as meal 3 with a serving of carbs
Meal 6 - protein shake
My energy level has been great - not feeling sluggish etc.
Seeing that my workout over the past two days were OK, this PM I'll be doing a full body workout, sit-ups and the stairs.
I've company coming over for a BBQ after work so I also need to do a bit of tidying up and food prep...home made Beef burgers and salad!
Alright folks, do your thing!


CeeKaye said...

Hi Diane! Hope you enjoy that BBQ.

You look marvelous! Here's to you making 44 the new 24 =D

Mike Groom said...

Hi Diane. I'll be 44 this year too! 1964 was a good year :)