Friday, June 20, 2008

Why definitive dates in goal setting is so important

As this week comes to a close I must admit that it wasn't what I'd originally planned, but then again sometimes that is just the way it goes, and we either have a choice to whine about it, or choose to embrace the change and pull something worthwhile from it. I opted for the latter!
I had to forfeit my workout yesterday because I came down with a nasty migraine that lasted through the night to present.
Not working out has given me the time to think ( the best I can while nursing a headache) about my life's journey. In doing so I realized that though I have written goals for every area of my life that I purposefully work towards, I was missing a very important component of the "goal setting factor" - Yep, the achievable, reasonable, deadline, unchangeable DATE!
Now, some of you might be having a good chuckle at my expense...go ahead, I was laughing too.
You see, there were always dates but those dates always were "ify and erasable", thus the goals were not set in stone or concrete as it should have been, and the dates were constantly being moved ahead without much thought as to why!
Therefore after taking a look at my written goals, and realizing my mistake, I woke up.
With achievable, reasonable, deadline, unchangeable DATES in place for all of my goals cemented in concrete I find that there's an alignment and peace in place that I never, ever experienced before.
So, despite my lack of physical exercise this week, this revelation has by far been more productive all round for me. The peace within is encouraging me that what I am reaching for within the timeline stated will be accomplished magically? No, only IF I am 100% compliant to working the plans - it takes work, but it is so worth it for me!
I've set that bar high - high enough to challenge and push myself beyond OK while removing all room for complacency.


Michael said...

Diane, you nailed it. You have to see a goal due date as a deadline or it just doesn't work. Sometimes plans change, but the dates need to be met. Good luck and you are doing great!

Mike Groom said...

great job with the plan Diane. Shred hard!