Sunday, June 1, 2008

Discipline people succeed

Not much to decipher or even argue...the statement is true...discipline people succeed. With discipline comes patience to work patiently towards what you define as success. Your success is not up for debate - you lay the line as to what you will deem as success; so if you fall short of it, it is simply where you have fallen short.
It's been a hectic but fun filled week-end and I didn't get to one show of "sex in the city":-)
I was spending time working on what I'll be eating this week and what workout plan I'll follow.
Being 21 days out from my next goal deadline, both my plans have to be effective, yet smart to get the results I desire. I've decided to measure my arm/leg/thigh/waist/hips tomorrow, then again on day 21.
This week workout plan - cardio 6-8 times/ upper 3x15/12/10/8/6/Lower 3/12/10/8 plus sit-ups 4 times.
Eating plan - 2 days strictly foods without any processing and focusing on a low carb, high protein cycling, then 1 day of high complex carb loading.
Today I completed 22FS 4 times just under 30 min plus 5 min of non stop sit-ups.
My eating has been 100% compliance.
Let's face it...we all want to be successful at whatever we're working at - but the truth is, it takes time, work and discipline. So, after knowing what it will take to succeed are we ready to do it?
Only you can decide - the level of your discipline will depend on your time line and what it is you're hoping to achieve. If you believe in yourself you can do it!
discipline people succeed!

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CeeKaye said...

[Christina stands and applauds loudly] You got it D!!!

That's hitting it home, self-discipline and self-awareness.