Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Laying the hammer down - Day #3

Laying the hammer down as I work my plan - I must be eating the right amount of food along with nutritional intake because my energy is stable, and I've been working harder and longer than usual. Taking advantage of my gym pass at work!
Today was full body strength training alternating between 1 set of upper, then one set of lower for 30 min.
I switched things up a bit and decided to go heavy with shorter reps - I was dying and barely had enough in me complete 3 min of cool down on the bike.
I've been neglecting my leg work, as I've been doing the stairs and spinning bike thus my legs/hamstring/quads and glutes are being worked during those sessions.
A non cardio day as I've completed 6 separate cardio sessions within 3 days.
I'm back on my 2 day stretch of consuming only complex carbs without any processed foods added.
It takes work, but it's worth it!

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Joni said...

Hey sorry I haven't been by lately - good luck on this new mission and I'll check in soon!