Monday, June 9, 2008

Less can be more - upper day

An intense 26 min upper with progressive overload with short breaks to drink water and 6 min of sit-ups.
My schedule on Sunday was interrupted, so I didn't get to my planed workout, but did go for a nice long brisk walk, plus sit-ups. There is something to be said about getting out and enjoying a walk in an area filled with beautiful healthy trees and flowers sprinkled along the way. People were taking advantage of the cool weather, parents with kids, people with their dogs - it should be sunny but for some strange reason the weather feels like fall...not complaining as it could always be worst!
Though I welcome the opportunity to workout at lunch or immediately after work, I find that because I'm not use to the set up at the gym it isn't an easy flow as I'm used to, and I've found that sometimes I struggle to get into the flow.
Nonetheless, I'm sticking with it for the duration!
I received a newsletter from Nick Nillisson on how to consume less calories and still maintain your energy level.
His suggestion is upon rising to consume a protein drink mixed with water, or a piece of fruit and save your breakfast which is larger for 2 hours later...that way you will remain full longer while consuming less calories. I find this will work only if your workout is not done first thing in the morning, because if it is, then you will definitely need to consume your normal breakfast to enable you with the sufficient energy.
I've tried it for a few days and it does work.
Alright, stay the course, give your best in everything and remember discipline people succeed.

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