Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who woulda tunk it!

That someone could derive a rush from lifting weights? Well, I've been lifting heavier with shorter reps for about 2 weeks and I love it. My duration is 25 min max and by that time I am exhausted with sweat dripping off me...sweat usually rolls off in my cardio sessions, but loving it a lot! It is like an adrenaline rush - even 15 min of lifting without rest is a wicked workout...try it!

This AM I thought I was late getting out of bed due to my constant hitting of the alarm, but had more time at hand, so I geared up and hit the stairs for a 15 min cardio - completed 2.5 Fs of 22 flights!
At lunch today I'll be working on my legs and minimal cardio.
Not the best of pic. posted last night...will post a better one sometime this week.
I've been encouraged, challenged and motivated by my co-workers "Matt and Rick". They're in fairly decent shape but has decided to tone up and have a leaner physique with muscle...their new found zeal is adding fuel to my already lit fire
My eating habits are so clean they're squeaking and my energy level is great!
OK, you know the drill...do your thing!


Marbella said...

Gee whizzers Diane! Love the idea of you blasting away there with your weights. YOu know, I have just now found out the miracles that weights offer...and you should see how fab Debbie looks...all because of weights. Can´t wait to hear if you have some great progress. Tell me if you do. As usual, you awe me no end with those stair runs. How do you do it? I just bet I couldn´t manage hardly any of them. Take care.

www.kalililla.com said...

WICKED workout! That's a LOT of stairs!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

22 Flights! Holy smokes. Really cool you've got co-workers on the 1-2-3 fitness wagon. Btw, LOVE the tip on the spaghetti squash.