Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weight lifting makes grown-ups cry out

in pain! That statement is true and if you have never experienced it, then do try it...lift heavy to failure while maintaining proper form will make you cry and or cry out in pain.
This AM before work I did my upper and sit-ups and the experience went from grunts to's something else when you enjoy the sweat that a great lifting brings, but getting into the place where the lift and the push and test of your will and endurance is a totally different story.
I read Mike's post a few days back and he talked about the thrill with the lift! What takes over a person to go that far? Well, for me it is a number of things...the results, my posture, the rush, and the ability to out do my lifts compared to the week before.
25 min of upper and 5 min of sit-ups. At lunch it was 20 min of intense cardio...stressful day and I needed a release.
I'm stopping at the grocery store this PM cause I'm out of spaghetti squash and I miss it - get out!! I'm not going to try and figure out why I'm enjoying the heavy lift and craving of spaghetti squash...just enjoying the ride with favourable results.
Keep moving and make changes to your nutritional and exercise plan as needed so that you will continue to see great results.

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Marbella said...

Such a good post today. I did some noises today too when I did my bicep reps with the heaviest that have ever done (well, the first time I have done heavy), and loved it too. I have to really push hard those last ones, but nailed them.
I want some spagetti squash, but none here, SO, I got some kind of orange squash (not many of them here in Spain), that had a green/yellow spots skin from Brazil. Made a soup and was soooo good. Hope all goes well with you. Your workouts must be awesome!