Friday, June 13, 2008

Resting on this day

Happy Friday! Today is my rest day as tomorrow I'll be participating in a 12 hour relay for BC Cancer Society with a team of 12. It will be fun! I'm thankful that you have the option to walk and run...I'll probably do a bit of both.
Need to do so different forms of cardio - entertaining this idea that I will try.
Jog the length of the path by my home, then run as fast as I can back to the other side...repeat.
Jog down hills then run up as fast as I can...repeat.
Do walking lunges on the path.
Today will be carb loading!

To keep my mind sharp I have to constantly be on top of what my mind is focusing on in all areas of my life. If my thoughts aren't in proper alignment with what I want then the end result will be out of alignment. Keeping my mind sharp takes more work than working out. To stay in the right zone I have to make sure that the thoughts that I'm entertaining are in line with what I desire, and what brings me peace!
OK, here's to nice sunny week-end filled with love, laughter and peace!

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Marbella said...

Loved your blog today. Am wondering how the marathon thing went for you. You have so many fun things to do there. Glad you have today to rest and regroup! Good Sunday!