Sunday, June 15, 2008

Twists and Turns and Sore Muscles

Yesterday I participated in a 12 hour Relay for Life Cancer fund raiser! It wasn't just taking turns running the track between 10 of my team mates. With 20 min assigned to each person we were able to be on a rotating shift and each person completed 5-20 min shifts. When we weren't on the track, we were playing boche, frisbee and tug-o-war. I'll post some pics in a few days!
It was a fun event, respect paid to those we lost to the nasty disease of Cancer, and celebrated those who have won the battle.
There were lots to eat and drink along with live entertainment.
After leaving home at 8:15am I arrived back at 9:30pm exhausted with two things on my mind - a hot shower and my bed.
At 9 am I awoke and found that parts of my body ached because of participating in different sport that my muscles weren't used to. Within an hour the aches were dissipated, but continued to fight a brutal attack of allergies...a quick stop to the drug store cured that.
I've decided to take it easy today and get back into the game tomorrow.
Time today is spent grocery shopping and preparing my meals for the week.
Alright, stay the course and don't quit...U can so do it!

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Mike Groom said...

Good job taking part in this event. I'm scheduled for Relay for Life in November. Ours is a 24 hour relay!

Looking forward to seeing the photos.