Monday, June 16, 2008

Time to Revisit and Revamp

Today as I think about my workout plan I must admit that I need to revisit and revamp a few things!
When ever I get that itch; it is a clear signal that boredom is waking up and that isn't allowed.
So tonight after doing upper body strength training, sit-ups plus 20 min cardio outside, I'm going to sit down and do just that!
I'm please with my eating habits so that doesn't need my attention at the moment, just reminders to stay on top of my game! Especially around (that time of the month)!
The weather in Vancouver has finally made a turn for the better - so time outside at lunch for a brisk 20 min walk is a must!
While reading a success story on I found a sweet quote "diet+exercise+right attitude=success."
I'm learning that to obtain maximum results my eating and exercise plan can't be equal like 50-50. My eating must be 100% compliance for the entire week with only one cheat meal or day...whatever works for you.
Through experience I've learnt that I can workout like a horse, but if my eating isn't clean and properly proportioned then my workouts would have been in vain, and the disappointment sets in, which makes it even worst.
When my eating is as it should be, in addition to my workouts (not more, but less time in the gym), I see better results. Which brings me to the conclusion that if I adhere to proper food intake and portion control, that is wining 3/4 of the battle right there!
Thoughts, comments, input welcome!


Marbella said...

So good to see how you figure this all out. Good thinking. Want to say that I thought you were in NYC...and find that you are in Vancouver. Amazing how one gets an idea about something. I could even picture you running up those stairs in an apartment right in the middle of Manhattan. Now will have to revision it all over...
Take care. All´s well with Diane!

Mike Groom said...

I know when I start my workout whether my nutrition has been good for the day.