Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Part 3 - Day 3

Thanks for your suggestions...I took Lynda's advise and rested:-) I know I did the right thing here because I won't have achieved much due to the state I was in. Though the DOM effects are still lingering...thanks again Lynda:-) and not DMS!! I am mentally and physically ready for a great workout this PM.
Today is lower body - loving the dead lifts exercise which works the quad, hamstring and calves...more bang for the buck I'd say!
I'll also be doing sit-ups and the stairs -4x22FS.
Nutritional plan is 100% compliant.
It is a sweet reward to see the results of the pump after an intense lift! It justifies my quote "It takes work, but it is worth it".
Keep moving and come on....challenge yourself, you're going to love it and surprise yourself all at the same time.

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www.kalililla.com said...

Good call. Muscles grow at rest. Your workouts are so intense, they need a little time to recuperate.