Monday, June 23, 2008

DMS to Rest or Not to Rest

My calves and upper body is still dealing with DMS after my stair climbing on Saturday and my intense upper on Sunday. Today I'm schedule to do lower and cardio but my muscles are so sore that I'm thinking of taking today as a REST and picking it up tomorrow. Or should I just bite the bullet and work through it? My concern is that if I do go for it...will I be able to give it my best, or will I be able to push through?
I think I'll wait until my shift is over at 3PM and make my decision.
Alright, do your thing peeps!


CeeKaye said...

HI Di :) It is entirely your call - however, i would like to let you know that it has been my experience that walking the treadmill for 30 minutes would do a lot to alleviate my muscle soreness.
Also, a nice hot shower/bath followed with applying tiger balm to the sore muscle areas.

Do what you think is the right thing!!

Marbella said...

I vote that you give Diane a rest, an extra splurge on something you really like and enjoy the marvelous feeling of DOMS and a job well done.

Mike Groom said...

I vote to work through the DOMS!