Sunday, June 22, 2008

Time to build on a solid foundation - Third Leg Day 1

I've learnt that if my foundation is solid the house will resist the storms of life. However, if my foundation is weak, then when the storms of life comes, my house will fall because my foundation was built on a weak foundation.
So, after some revamping, reevaluating and realistic goal setting deadlines, the hammer has been laid down, and ensuring my foundation for all my goals are solid, the race is on with intent. Without intent there is no set focus on any particular prize; it is like being blown in the wind, going with the flow and not knowing when you get anywhere because there was no intent in place.
Today was upper, see below for exactly what I did, followed by sit-ups and 20 min steady state cardio of incline walking.
I'll be working out 3 days on and one off then back again.
Upper for the next 2 weeks:
3 sets of heavy 4/6/8/10
Shoulders – Arm circles with weights/Dumb bell press/Front dumb bell raise/Side dumb bell raise
Back – Bent over dumb bell row/One arm dumb bell row on chair/Machine underhand cable pull downs/Wide grip lat pull down
Biceps – Alternate hammer curl/Dumb bell curl
Triceps – Bench dips/Overhead arm extension
Chest – Machine bench press/Push-ups

My nutritional plan will be very much the same - less consumption of processed carbs, while increasing my complex carb intake with protein and a small amount of fats.
OK, time to check out the shredders blogs and dinner time.


Buffedstuff said...

Nothing like a woman on a mission,
stay focused and you are going achieve all of your goals.

Michael said...

Diane, you are burning things up. I like the plan. Bring on the intensity and you will be knocking off those goals one at a time.