Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 17/8 and how could I not

want to continue lifting hard, going intense with my workout and eating clean when I feel amazing, my energy level is off the charts and I'm looking better every day I adhere to the plan?

I'm like every other person out there who have experience the highs that comes from following a healthy lifestyle, yet at times something happens to throw me off.
Why is that? For me it is one thing - infected emotions!
My emotions gets infected by something negative that brings on discouragement, so I eat to appease my bruised, discouraged emotions.
So how do I fix that? By recognizing the signs and deal with my emotions by inducing a healthy dose of healthy thinking that will strengthen a right attitude.
So by learning how to detect the infection and replacing it with healthy induction it should at the least reduce or eliminate the life's issues to rises up to throw me off.
Exercise is 10% Physical, and 90% Mental, the rest is up to you.
To get the results you desire your nutritional plan must be 100% compliant, even if your exercise plan is less than 100% compliant!
It is all about attitude - one day I'd look in the mirror, try on my clothes and don't like the feel or look, then the next day there's a change. I keep telling myself that there is coming a day when the fat will be no more! Making strides towards my finish line!


Michael said...

Diane, that's an awesome post today and it is all true. You have to watch for the signs and beat them down. Carlos calls it the Champion's Mindset and I agree with him totally. Great job and great insight!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

thanks Michael...finally grasping how the process works.